You must ventilate your home for a healthy environment. It helps to clean the air and eliminates the accumulation of toxic substances that originate in the day-to-day. If you do not conduct a ventilation routine, it is likely that your home is contaminated and is harmful to your health.

There are many factors involved in air pollution. The main ones are the people who live in the house and their daily activity. The own furniture of the house or other textile objects like carpets, curtains, the clothes or the shoes accumulate dust. Also, the cleaning products and fumes from the kitchen, as well as the same food. The combination of all these elements causes the air to be charged with carbon dioxide (CO₂), which has serious consequences for health, such as the appearance of allergies or infections.


Ventilating your home is a simple task, but it must be done correctly, taking into account a series of steps.

The first thing you must ventilate is the bedroom. It is because we spend long hours there while we sleep. During that time, a lot of CO₂ has been generated, which is harmful to our body.

The best time to ventilate your home will change depending on the weather. If it is winter, the best time will be at noon, when the sun warms most. If, on the other hand, it is summer, the best time will be at night, once the sunny hours are over.

To ventilate an entire house, ten minutes a day is enough. All you have to do is open all the windows and close the doors of the rooms so that each room is ventilated correctly. If your bathroom has windows, you should also take advantage of them to ventilate, since it is one of the rooms in the house where more humidity is generated by the water vapor in the shower. It is recommended to open the windows for 30 minutes.

If you have a room that does not have an exterior exit, you can also open all the windows of the house and leave the doors open to generate electricity. This method is effective but will cool the house more, it is better to do it only in summer.


Although ventilating your home is something routine for you, there are some changes you can implement in your day to day to improve even more the air quality in your home:

  • Reduce the use of aerosols. Air fresheners, deodorants or spray lacquers are very polluting.
  • Turn on the extractor in the kitchen when you are cooking to avoid fumes and bad odors.
  • Install a dehumidifier. Especially in cases where ventilation is difficult, for example, when there is an elderly or sick person in the house who cannot be exposed to changes in temperature.
  • Try to regulate the humidity, because the ends are never good. Just as excess moisture can generate condensation in the air, a dry environment can also be detrimental to our health, as it dries the respiratory mucous membranes.
  • Install the appropriate windows. The windows made with insulating materials, both the frame and the glasses themselves, help to avoid condensation and the appearance of humidity. They also keep the ideal home temperature for longer.

Keep in mind that it is important to maintain your window condition. So, it can slide or open properly. In case you need help in window installation, our team can help you with that. Got question? Talk to us today!