A good door exterior for your home is essential to keep the house safe. Today, there are many options in the market and choosing the right one depends on many factors. It can be the material, the color, the finish, the type of frame, etc.

As far as maintenance is concerned, it is not the same to have a door made of wood, PVC, or aluminum.


Aluminum and PVC are very resistant and easy to maintain. Whether you have a PVC or an aluminum door, it is very easy to always have the door exterior in a perfect condition.

Nowadays, entry door models in these materials have evolved a lot and you can find very exclusive and original designs. In the case of PVC, you can find models that mimic wood and can be very realistic.

Cleaning: Always with a damp cloth and soapy water with a non-abrasive product to door exterior. Never clean the profiles with a dry cloth, as they may scratch.

Some aluminum and PVC manufacturers have their own cleaning product that is suitable for complete and effective cleaning.

Protection: Both aluminum and PVC are very resistant materials which, once installed, it is not necessary to apply any protection product. In fact, they should not be varnished or painted, as this would cause damage to aluminum or PVC.


The wooden door exterior is the most expensive to maintain. Although, some can become true works of art. The influences of the weather affect the wood a lot, especially if it is not provided with adequate care.

You should avoid cracked or broken wood at all cost since in the latter case the only solution would be the replacement of the door completely.

To prevent the material from deteriorating due to rain, sun, wind and other climatic effects there is a minimum amount of care to be taken into account:

Cleaning: Regularly clean the surface of the door with a soft and slightly moistened cloth. If this was not enough to remove the dirt, you can choose a solution with a few drops of vinegar, which in addition to cleaning will give it shine.

Abrasive substances must be avoided at all costs since the deterioration of the door would be encouraged more quickly.

Protection: Traditionally, the wood has been treated with varnishes. In the case of exposure to the exterior, they are not specially indicated. They make a magnifying effect and can cause the erosion of the wood or cracking.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to use teak oil or open pore varnish, which are oils that nourish the wood and protect it from the inside. These substances penetrate and make the wood breathe and naturally regulate the humidity and its adaptation to the environment in which it is.

In addition, this type of oils often incorporates fungicides and insecticides, while providing high resistance to ultraviolet rays. They are extremely easy to apply and do not need sanding for your application.


At least once a year the fittings and locks should be lubricated with a suitable oil or petroleum jelly. In this way, the deterioration of the opening and closing mechanisms is prevented.

In the case of the frames, it is important to check the tightness and the clamping. If necessary, it is best to contact a professional to take the necessary actions. This way will ensure the maximum security is maintained in the frame and the door fittings to prevent possible theft.

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