It is very important to perform good window maintenance in the house, especially to all elements that make it up. After all, a window is a fundamental element in every home and better maintenance will result in a healthier and more efficient home.

The windows act as intermediaries between the exterior and the interior of the house. For this reason, one of the elements in which we look first is the glass, which is responsible for letting light inside and let see the Exterior.


The cleaning of the glass is a classic of household chores. It is the first thing you see if it is dirty and they are invisible when they are clean. To obtain the best results, the combination of warm water and soap is the best solution for immaculate glass.

Another option is to use some reliable glass cleaner. Yes, you should always use soft cloths or kitchen paper, to avoid scratching the glass. Scouring pads or materials that can erode the surface should never be used.


The issue of crystals and their maintenance is usually a clear element, but usually, we forget the profiles. To keep your windows impeccable, it is necessary to pay attention to the profiles and their maintenance needs.

Like the crystals, it is necessary to clean them eventually with warm water and neutral soap so that they do not lose their shine and the surface remains soft to the touch. It is also not convenient to use scouring pads or brushes that are abrasive with the surface, nor products that contain solvents.

In the case of PVC windows, there are specific products for cleaning with which you ensure that the profiles are even more impeccable. In fact, you can find a specific one for white windows and another for those that are colored.

On the other hand, if you have wooden windows, the maintenance is a bit more laborious. It is because they require that they be varnished every so often and a more continuous treatment to prevent the wood from deteriorating, rotting or being attacked by insects.


This part is usually forgotten and we usually realize when one of them has already broken down. This is why you should oil them once a year with the right oil so that the mechanisms of opening, closing or other mechanisms, such as those of the tilt- and- turn windows, end up deteriorating.

Furthermore, you cannot forget the joints, those small areas where dirt accumulates and you also have to take care of it. Avoid using sharp or abrasive materials in these areas. As in other areas, the best is water and soap and a soft cloth to remove impurities from the area.

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